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Simplicity, functionality and aesthetics converge in Vertilux’s aluminum venetian blinds. Vertilux has three types of aluminum venetian blinds: Louverlux®, Touch of Wood® and perforated aluminum. They come in ½”, 1” and 2”...

First, it is important to know that PVC coated Screen manufacturers use one of the following two as the base in their extrusion of the PVC coated YARN: - A multi strand, non twisted, Fiberglass yarn- A multi filament, twisted Polyester yarn The Polyester filaments are coated and twisted into a...

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Ensuring maximum comfort and improving life quality through the development of environmentally sustainable products are two of Vertilux's main objectives.This is why we manufacture products such as Planet FR, a plain and semi-transparent fabric made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a...

For World Autism Awareness Day, Vertilux lights it up blue! We join the global initiative to raise awareness for autism because we understand that autism is not a disability; it’s a different ability. To make a difference in the world, we need different kinds of minds working...

The Vertilux Booth at the recent IWCE at Charlotte NC, was again “The reference” for those searching the latest in design and innovation. Our VIP space drew customers and friends from more than 12 different countries, that were welcomed and...

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