The quality and durability of our Itaca fabric have been put to the test for more than three decades at the St. John Lutheran Church, in Orlando, Florida, and the result couldn’t be other than a still sturdy and functional fabric after several years of use.

Watch the testimony of Pastor Lyberg and the current condition of the Itaca fabric after 30 years!




When we heard one of our customers had our Itaca fabric for more than 30 years, we had to find out more about their experience and the story behind it. Our team went all the way to Orlando, to get Pastor Lyberg testimony.

Our Itaca fabric has been part of many stories at the St. John Lutheran Church spaces, especifically the school’s classrooms, for over 3 decades. Amazed by the quality and durability this fabric has had over the years, Pastor Lyberg gave our team his feedback about the performance of the blinds, and how well they stood throughout the years.

This time, they needed to replace the blinds -not for defects nor functionality reasons- but because of new school’s regulations, that required all classrooms to have fire retardant fabrics, to which willingly Vertilux offered to donate, and benefit the community the best way possible.

For the St. John Lutheran Church community, the Itaca fabric has been an exceptional product, that has served and improved the life of each of the students and teachers that have passed through the school since 1989.


Our Authentic Itaca fabric has been part of our history as it has been
part of the history of the St. John Lutheran Church.

It's an iconic fabric, that from our early beginnings to the present day, still
proves to be remarkable and a must-have for any space.


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El Auténtico Itaca

La calidad y la durabilidad de nuestro tejido Itaca se han puesto a prueba durante más de tres décadas en la Iglesia Luterana St. John, en Orlando, Florida, y el resultado no podía ser otro que un tejido aún resistente y funcional después de numerosos años de uso.

¡Mira el testimonio del Pastor Lyberg y la condición actual del tejido Itaca después de 30 años!