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Vertilux continues to expand its line of Neolux® fabrics, by addingthree new flame retardant fabrics: Neolux® Abacus FRNeolux® Advance Sheer FRNeolux® Compass Dim Out FR Vertilux Neolux® Collection includes more than 32 different fabrics and more than 160 total SKUs. With these additions you now...

Introducing Vertilux New Neolux Supreme Bottomrail & End Caps:This attractive new Supreme Bottomrail, is an improved and more efficient version of our popular Neolux Botttomrail II. It now has new features that take into account your needs and demands, which includes:- Bottom light gap...

Introducing Vertilux’s new Cassette 100mm Round, Cassette 100mm Flat and Cassette 120mm Round with screws. The latest versions of our cassette systems have valances and end covers that have been designed for screw assembly. Screwing the end covers onto the valance provides a semi-permanent...

During the months of August and September, order our new Neolux® sample books at extraordinary prices!* $25 for 76 books or more$30 for 36-75 books$35 for 16-35 books$40 for 6-15 books$45 for 1-5 booksVertilux’s Neolux® dual shades are characterized by their double layer of fabric, which gives...

Our latest Neolux Dual Shade Fabrics Technical Catalog is now available on Issuu: