As winter comes to an end, we are proud to introduce our first seasonal campaign, "Bye-Bye Winter". This year, Vertilux will launch winter, spring, summer and fall collections. For our winter campaign, we have decided to complement the existing warm color palette of our Mistral collection, with five new cool colors that we believe capture the essence of winter:

- Mistral VIOLET (0-002- 52-08106) 

- Mistral BLUE (0-002- 52-09106)

- Mistral GREY (0-002- 52-10106)

- Mistral GREEN (0-002- 52-07106)

- Mistral STONE (0-002- 52-11106)

These new winter colors are perfect for those who prefer to decorate their living spaces with a cool color palette. They are currently available from our Miami warehouse. Rollux Mistral fabrics can be used for a variety of different applications including roller shades, sliding panels and roman shades.

Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming spring, summer and fall seasonal collections!

Rollux Mistral Violet - Inspiration Board

Rollux Mistral Blue - Inspiration Board

Rollux Mistral Grey - Inspiration Board

Rollux Mistral Green - Inspiration Board

Rollux Mistral Stone - Inspiration Board