Dear Customers,

At this time we are all enduring unprecedented personal and business difficulties and trying to preserve and protect our families and employees from COVID-19. As business people we are also trying to preserve the future of our companies and the jobs related to it, at the same time we are trying to help our community giving back and cooperating with programs like our "Vertilux Takes Action" campaign for the donation of face mask kits, to which we invite you to participate.

Vertilux, as your partner, will do all that is possible to face and surmount those challenges in order to continue to provide you the needed materials allowing our customers to continue their production of Blinds and Shades.

We have always been here to help you, and this timing is not going to be different. We will always adapt to the market needs and move faster than anyone else. Therefore, we will temporarily cancel any Fabric cutting charges, and additionally, we will make ALL fabrics available for the Cut Yardage Program without restrictions. This applies to all our customers in the USA.

The minimum of 5 Linear yards per fabric cut stays in place.

Vertilux is fully aware of the hardship our customers are facing, and it is our goal to lighten your load as much as possible.

Please remain vigilant and above all stay healthy.

The Vertilux Team 

UPDATE: The temporal cancelation of Fabric cutting charges and the availability of ALL fabrics for the Cut Yardage Program is no longer in effect. Please contact your Sales Executive if you have any questions.