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One last fabric is now part of our Neolux® Avant Collection: N E O L U X®  S U N D O W N  D I M  O U TThe perfect choice to add a fine style to your windowswhile maintaining a high level of privacy thanks toits Dim Out characteristics.  

Another beautiful fabric becomes part of our Neolux® Avant Collection: N E O L U X®  N O V E L  A mixed color palette that includes cool and warm tones with delicatelight-colored yarns to add movement and texture to your spaces.     

Meet our latest addition to the Neolux® Avant Collection: N E O L U X®  D Y N A S T Y   A beautiful dual shade fabric with a dark sheer stripe,ideal to improve visibility, that blends with an opaque solid stripewhich maintains a high level of privacy.      

Introducing a new fabric to our Neolux® Avant Collection: N E O L U X®  L U X U R Y  D E N S E  An upgraded version of our best-seller Neolux® Luxury,  with improved opacity providing greater privacy to your spaces.            

Ideal to achieve a perfectly color coordinated duo-shade whencombined with our Dakar Blackout fabric.     

  From the company that introduced battery motors to the industry,we now present the next generation of the most powerful, fast,and reliable battery motor.The new 6 Nm VTi® Celtic Rechargeable Battery Motoris the perfect balance between strength, speed, and quietness.It’s the ultimate solution...